DanielAndPhotography © 2017

Trees evolve around human ever since it was born. Families traveled and camped in the woods or lived and slept together in a tiny filmy trailer on a pretty morning dewed field with a short walking distance trail to the river. A young child cross-country skied with his father through a thick snow close packed forest or play in a pure clear water stream with his sister and brother. Natures are filled with family, gather, compassion, and life. It inspired me to photograph of a nature that brings memories of family/friend gathering.

All of these images are not photoshopped but using photography technique such as Harris shutter, double exposure, panorama and more. In this case, my current work, the technique I use is panning. The camera is focused on an object – a car. While it moves, the camera follows it and photographs at the same time.

This technique allows me to produce an image with sharp foreground while background blurs which is a way of saying that whole context is not fully understood because of partly blurring image. Every one of us has a flaw or imperfect that is not fully understood. Abnormal is what makes us, human, a unique.

​We are like a tree. Trees have been pushed, pulled, cut, burned, and scarred without full information or communication. The outside might look pretty, but inside is full of pain. Therefore, trees face chaos everyday by us.

No images are too loud or too simple.