DanielAndPhotography © 2020​

​All of these images are not photoshopped but using a photography technique. The technique for making this kind of image is called panning. When you see a car moving fast, the car stays sharp while the background blurs. The camera is focused on an object - a car. While it moves, the camera follows it and photograph at the same time. This technique allows me to produce a partly sharp details image with painterly background.

The images were taken along the edge of roads or highways around New England area. If you are wondering why I photograph trees, I grew up in Maine where there are trees around me twenty-four hours and seven days. We are like a tree. Trees have been pushed, pulled, cut, burned, and scarred without full information or communication. Therefore, trees face chaos everyday by us. With chaos going on around us, it becomes blurring and dizzy.​​

No images are too loud or too simple.